The Adult Awards 2016
Streamed on our Adult Ch 6 site, full details here

The Adult Awards - created for streaming, not for back slapping and an open bar for freeloaders, our awards promote our category finalists! It's for fans of talent in front and behind the camera!

The Adult Awards are an online V.O.D. television show for the fans!     The Adult Award series will be streamed on Adult Ch6 October 2016!  


We are not judging the finalists on a critical peer criteria, this is not for a Pulitzer or Nobel style award. They are all adjudged equally that befits the category or genre they are involved in. From talent, products, services etc. Upon nomination submission all applications are vetted prior to acceptance as a published category finalist. The Adult Awards are for the adult business and the fans! You can nominate for more than one category for those you feel are deserving of winning an award or, given the sometimes loneliness of certain sectors within the adult sector, you can self nominate. We were the first awards to introduce self nomination which proved a success.

Full category listings and voting procedure here!

Nominate those in the biz you feel deserve the accolade and promotion being on an Adult show and online press exposure will bring them!
More details concerning nominations here

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